Tips in Designing Your Sustainable Home

Sustainable Design
Larry Moore

If you wish to turn your lifestyle into a more environmentally friendly one, at first you might think that it would be a difficult task. The truth is, applying smaller changes to your day-to-day lifestyle will make you notice huge differences. However, everything starts at home, because it is where your life is shaped especially from what is in it. Here are the changes that you can do in your house for a more eco-friendly home.

  1. Plants

The existence of green plants contributes a lot when it comes to purification and detoxifying your household. In addition to that, your indoor air quality will improve. Specifically, Barberton daisy cleanses your house’s air against toxins from synthetic fibers and wall paints. Other plants that do the same are:

  • Chrysanthemums
  • Dragon Tree
  • Spider Plant
  • Energy Consumption

To help save the environment, you must also learn to conserve your electricity usage. When you feel cold, a warm blanket can be a better alternative to the use of the heater. You may also switch your light into an LED type because they save more electricity.

  1. Minimalism

Do not buy things that you do not need. Buy the ones that are functional in your home, and ensure that they are sustainable and environmentally friendly. A minimalist household reduces your daily carbon footprint.

  1. Bathroom or Toilet Essentials

You may alternatively use a bamboo toothbrush instead of the traditional plastic-made. Instead of contributing to the massive amount of plastic waste worldwide, why not switch to the bamboo-made, which can decompose, and also made with biodegradable bristles. You may also switch your soap to the new organic types.

Your daily lifestyle starts at home, so begin cleaning your house and improve it with better sustainable materials. This does not only contributes to a better world but also makes you a better person.

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