Cruelty-Free Beauty Products: Are you choosing the right brands?

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Larry Moore

What is Cruelty-free?

There is no beauty if the brand supports cruelty. If the company of the brand that you are using conduct tests and experiments on animals, that means it is not cruelty-free and you must stop supporting it. The ones that do not harm you and the environment is not a good product as well.

There are also a lot of brands out there that do not do such horrible things, so the best thing that you can do is to do some background check to the brand that you are choosing.


If the cosmetic product that you are buying is contained in plastic, you better find other alternative products. It may be difficult because plastic is used almost everywhere. Choose a glass or box packaging.

Avoid single-use ones

One-time use products such as pads, masks, and wipes end up becoming trash ending up in landfills, or even the ocean. Choose reusable ones. Aside from becoming eco-friendly, you can also save money.


If you are wondering why you get rashes, it might be because of your perfume. Some have toxic chemicals that irritate, so it is better to switch to the ones that are safe for use.

It may be not that easy to find the product that works for your preference, but you must not give up.

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