The Best Sustainable Home Decoration Brands

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Larry Moore

When buying home decorations, people would tend to choose the one that pleases their eyes by the time they see it without thinking if it would still be of great purpose or function in the upcoming years ahead. Today, easy-to-assembly furniture and home decorations are typically designed to last for a short period, which disables you to live a better lifestyle. The best home decors should be sustainable and provide a comfortable experience even in the decades to come. Here are various sustainable brands that you can choose from so that you may avoid any regret in the future:

Alterra Pure

This brand may have been putting their attention to being sustainable, but above that, they put their attention to being transparent. The founders have lots of years of experience in the textile industry, and they chose to be completely open without any secrets. Their bedding is made from organic cotton and is handmade by seamstresses.

Rose & Fitzgerald

This brand is an art & design and crafting studio headquartered in Uganda. The Californian couple Laren and Courtney, who founded the brand, uses indigenous materials from Eastern Africa to create handmade products that last long even after multiple numbers of usages.

Armadillo & Co.

This brand is highly inspired to enhance the old age techniques of craftsmanship using a unique Australian modern design process, which can only be done with aesthetics and ethics. All the crafted products are entailed with the rich past and artisanship of the very hands that created them.

The next time you look for home décor, you might as well as consider these brands that promote sustainability through ethics and aesthetics. This way, you contribute to the betterment of the world while decorating your home.

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