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Larry Moore

Having a sustainable life is the quintessence of your existence, and with the help of technology, comprehending it has become easier. The mobile apps that you navigate through your phones amuse you, but some apps have better meaning and purpose. As your lifestyle needs to be sustainable in ways you eat food, buy other personal needs, traveling habits, and waste or rubbish production, here are the best apps that can assist you in living life full of sustainability.

Best Sustainability Mobile Apps

1. Food – OLIO

In this app, you can find food from other users – you can offer them food as well! In case you bought an excessive amount of food, and you forgot that you would have a three-week holiday outside the country, this app can help you out. You’d avoid food waste.

2. Shopping and Selling – Good On You

If you are being skeptical about the certain product that you are eyeing for, you can use this app to see the sustainability rating of a certain brand. This sustainability platform provides ranking information of products in different aspects.

3. Leisure – Gardenia

Putting some plants in and out of your house improves the experience – making it homey. If you have no idea how to take care of plants, this app will help you with that.

4. Development – Oroeco

This app computes your carbon footprint for the day, which is based on your transportation, leisure activity, food consumption, and electricity usage. In any case that your habit needs to be changed to contribute to a better world, Oroeco will guide you to that.

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