Sustainable Eating: Why You Should Buy Seasonal and Local

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Larry Moore

Many customers demand an abundance of different food from other countries. This kind of eating habit could affect the environment unlike buying the foods that are in-season produced by your local farmer.

How being unsupportive to local food to affect the environment

  • Foods from outside the territory need to be transported from far distances. Hence, it enables us to rely on fossil fuels.
  • More carbon emission from transportation causes air pollution.
  • They transported food would be less nutritious because it was harvested prematurely included with chemicals for better transport life when shipped.
  • This practice reduces the profit of your small-time local farmers.

Why should you buy seasonal and local food?

Here are the main reasons why you should do so:
1. This is your means of supporting the local farmers

Our local farmers tend to be fended off by big grocery stores because of their availability of food that they sell even if it is not yet their season. However, the ones from the local farmers are fresher.

2. Reducing greenhouse gases

When you buy those foods that are from outside your country, you are giving the merchants the idea that they should also support the importation of those goods. That makes the demand go higher, and those foods will be shipped via sea, air, or land. The transportation emits greenhouse gases that affect the environment.

3. Food is more nutritious

Fruits that are to be shipped must be harvested early so that it won’t get rotten. This makes the fruitless nutritious. Out-seasoned fruits are produced using chemicals. Choosing local and seasonal are fresher and more nutritious.

4. You would be able to save money

Foods that grow outside your country are more expensive because they are transported. Local ones are cheaper because they’re just close. The seasonal ones have a lot of supply, which results in a cheaper price.

When you learn to be a sustainable eater, you will know for yourself how much you contributed to the world.

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