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Schools have particularly become wasteful with paper. Despite the heavy presence of digitization in today’s world, multiple copies feed into a school printer. Paper is still needed and used for many things, particularly in the school environment.

This begs the question: how can students and teachers reduce paper usage?

It can be seen from the rubbish of many schools that paper waste constitutes roughly 50% of the contents in the garbage can. Therefore, schools ought to implement a paper-reduction policy and exchange ideas with their students and teachers about how to reduce paper waste.

So here are some sustainable printing methods and tips for reducing paper usage.

Implementing Regulations on the Use of Paper

This is one of the best and most effective paper-saving tips because establishing regulations against paper wastage will make teachers more conscious of how they use paper. This policy or regulation shouldn’t be limited to just the teachers. It should apply to the teachers as well. When the teachers are subjected to such policy, their compliance will encourage their students to follow suit.

The policy on paper regulation should not just be a set of rules that will be posted on bulletins across the school. The school management should ensure that each student is aware of this policy. Teachers should also play a role in this awareness by giving their students periodic reminders on the essence of saving paper and its ecological benefits. This tip doesn’t just ensure compliance from students. It breeds a generation of more eco-friendly people.

Printers Should Have Signs on Them

Printing is one of the significant ways through which teachers waste paper in school. However, there are measures to mitigate this wastage. First, schools should ensure that all printers in the school have signs posted on them. These signs will serve as a reminder to any student or teacher using it to be thoughtful as possible with paper.

The signs should also remind them to verify the printing settings and utilize the print preview option to be sure what they want to print out. This includes proofreading the document’s content, structure, and print layout. The signs should also convey a message discouraging them from making extra copies unless it’s unnecessary.

Printing on Used Papers

One of the easiest and most effective ways to save paper is using paper to print. If a paper you have used before only has print on one side, you can use the other to print instead of tossing it into the trash can. Reusing papers to print new content helps teachers and students play a role in environmental conservation. Furthermore, it also teaches them to make the most of what they have.

Replace Paper Towels with Hand Driers

A lot of schools use paper towels in the convenience rooms. But paper towels are paper. So, replacing paper towels with hand driers will help reduce paper consumption in the school. This is easily one of the best tips on the list.

The schools must ensure that the hand drier they install doesn’t cost them much in the long run. They should purchase hand driers from the best manufacturers in the industry. A quality hand drier is recommended so the school won’t have to worry about frequent replacements or repairs.

Every Class Should have Paper-Saving Goals

If every class sets paper-saving goals, the school’s total paper use will significantly lessen. Schools can even make it more exciting by making it a competition in which the class that uses the least quantity of paper wins.


This is another excellent tip for schools to reduce paper usage. Lesson notes, assignments, presentations, and the like can be prepared digitally. Every school should take advantage of that. Since schools are one of the significant consumers of paper, imagine how much paper will be saved globally if all schools go entirely digital.

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