The Most Dangerous Toxic Substances in Cosmetics

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Larry Moore

When selecting the beauty products for the skin, we ponder a lot about the toxic chemicals that typical cosmetics have that could harm our health. What you think that makes you beautiful today could be detrimental tomorrow. This is why you should know how to inspect a certain product about its ingredients, so you should prefer those that contain natural ingredients to avoid skin irritations. The main strategy is learning to identify the common toxicants that can be found in beauty products. Here they are:


We can find this in bath gels and shampoo to form a layer over the skin or hair to prevent the entire substance from entering our pores. However most silicones do not dissolve in water, so they might accumulate on the skin and hair. This deprives normal functions and damages the hair and scalp.

Toluene and Phthalates

These substances are found in perfumes and nail polish. These toxicants can enter the skin, pass in your bloodstream and affect your respiratory tract as well as the hormones. These can also irritate your eyes combined with headaches and fatigue.


Because of its creamy texture, this toxicant is found in body creams. They moisturize our skin, clog the pores and hinder the skin from having natural breathing. Paraffin dries up to the skin and causes acne and skin irritation. If found in lipstick, we might even swallow it and affect our liver and kidneys.

Other dangerous toxicants:

  • Sulfates – skin irritant
  • Aluminum salts – found in deodorant; causes breast cancer

What is the use of your beauty if your body is not healthy? Start checking the labels and ingredients of the cosmetics that you are using to avoid further damages to your skin.

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