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Sustainable Design
Larry Moore

What if the rubbish of today is the material of tomorrow? You cannot eliminate the probability that agricultural and human waste could become important materials for the future. Heimtextil created innovational sustainable materials that can be used by fashion designers, architects, and interior designers.


An exhibition named Trends Spaces happens annually to inspire and motivate the architects, interior designers, and press about the new trends that homes, markets, and hotels will be seasoned with for the coming years ahead. The goal was to reduce environmental waste by intelligently choosing materials. It means that sustainable materials should be used.

The exhibit aims for sustainability and practicality. International designers and exhibitors showed a thousand exhibits. Excessively using scarce resources makes designers recover waste materials in clever ways. Here are some of the exhibits:

  • Waste No More – The donated fabrics that were already discarded were made into soft furnishings and artworks.
  • Recy Leather – Recycling shredded excess cuts from a glove industry, and bound using natural rubber created large sheets.
  • Hey Jute – Cushions using jute fibers were made which is capable of preserving its length.
  • Palmleather – This is a sustainable and affordable substitute for rubber, plastic, and leather made from the leaves of the areca palm.

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