Shopping Guide

Online Sustainable Shops

Seeking for a shop that offers sustainable products and designs can become difficult, for you may not be so sure if the sold items are indeed sustainable, which is why Planet Forward provides you with this list of shops that you can check online. These are legitimate Canadian shops that you can visit using the Internet:


Eliza Faulkner – Clothes here are made with modern designs and made in Montreal.

Encircled – They sell clothing that is made in Canada. It is minimalist but versatile.

Frank and Oak – This is another shop that uses a minimalist design with its sustainable fabrics.


Maguire – Their sustainable footwear and accessories are Montreal-made in ethical manufacturers worldwide.

SOULiers Studios – You can buy vegan shoes from them online.

Swimwear and Underwear

Bikini Empire – They sell comfortable Vancouver-made swimwear.

Lola & August – Their deluxe lingerie is handmade from Canada.

Mary Young – Their luxury lingerie is made in Montreal and designed in Toronto.

Minnow – This shop offers made-to-order swimsuits in Toronto.

Bags and Accessories

Good Gifts – This shop offers its unique ethical designs that you can use as a gift.

Uppdoo – This shop sells handmade leather bags from Toronto.

Erin Templeton – They sell Vancouver-made purses designed with recycled and new leather.

Lowell Mtl – You can buy accessories and bags in this shop that are made from Montreal.

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