How Can Vape Damage Your Health and The Environment?

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Vape Damage Your Health
Larry Moore

In Texas, a fifteen-year-old teen died due to a vape-induced health condition. It was not using vape shop chomedey but It is just one incident out of two thousand six hundred hospitalization cases caused by e-cigarette smoking or vaping. The harder pill to swallow is that the harm these electronic cigarettes can cause to humans is as severe as the amount of harm they can do to the environment.

How does vaping impact our environment?

  • Single-use pods

It is not that hard to see how vaping can harm the environment as much as it does to our bodies. While there is overflowing data that outline several environmental damages vaping products have caused, only a few studies tackle the effect of vaping JUUL products. The one-time use of plastic pods in vaping products is as harmful as straws.

When users are done with these pods, they go straight to the garbage bin and can no longer be recycled. The fact that vape pens or pods are made of plastic can pose a significant threat to the environment. The number of plastic pods filling up the landfills has become more alarming as some people have already found them polluting the ocean waters.

  • Heavy metals

Some of these vaping products are also covered with heavy metallic cases.  When not disposed of properly, it can intoxicate animals and plants. Heavy metals, when induced by animals, can damage their digestive system organs. Generally speaking, every chemical e-cigarettes contain can destroy the wellness of the Earth.

How does vaping impact our health?

  • The Device

Generally, vaping is defined as the action of inhaling the aerosol and exhaling it afterward. It is often seen as an alternative to cigarette smoking. The device itself is designed to create vapor or smoke— which also induces that high sensation people feel as soon as they inhale it. The device is also composed of a cartridge, battery, and mouthpiece.

The cartridge stores the electronic liquid or e-juice. The battery generates heat for the device to function. As it heats the device’s heating component, the e-liquid components turn into an aerosol. This amount of aerosol is then inhaled by the user and exhaled afterward. Meaning to say they are absorbing whatever chemicals the aerosol contains.

  • The Aerosol

Have you ever heard what an aerosol does to your health and the environment around you? You absorb a significant amount of this chemical into your lungs every time you vape. But what does this exactly do to your lungs? The simple answer to that question is it depends on what type of e-cigarette you are using.

Aerosol contains several particles, and each of these particles has varying toxic chemical amounts. These are associated with heart disease, cancer, and respiratory illnesses. For example, people who chose to use e-liquid vaporizers are receiving an ample dose of propylene glycol. It is also known as vegetable glycerin-based juice that contains metals, flavoring, and nicotine.

With that, vape juices don’t contain tobacco— which is why young adults and teens are convinced to use them. However, these juices still contain chemicals that are responsible for the mind-altering effects of marijuana.

The explanations for these observations and claims are well-documented by researchers and experts from all over the globe. Vaping doesn’t just harm human beings but also the environment around them.

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